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Spyware Makers Aiming For Enterprises

Hackers are aiming straight at corporate data and are getting much more sophisticated and much stealthier, according to a report.
What's Coming Down The Pike
Hinojosa expects malware to become even more sophisticated in its attacks against targeted financial services firms and other companies in 2006 as hackers seek ways to get into corporate computer systems and scurry away without leaving a trace.'

One such method is through "spearfishing," which uses a targeted communication to a person within a specific company (i.e., Bank of XYZ, N.Y.) that uses technology and social engineering. The message will direct the reader to open a link, which will load the malware.

For example, a line employee could receive an e-mail appearing to be from a system administrator telling him to open a link to check the security of his system when that link will actually contain the security threat.

Hinojosa also expects to see more company against company attacks for purposes of corporate espionage and more movement by software vendors, who could be facing government pressure,topressure, to ensure that operating systems and other applications are more secure when software first leaves the factory.