Star Wars, Dancing Otters, Tea Cups, And Robots That Feed You: A Weekend Video Roundup

A weekly roundup of fun, mostly technology-related videos, including thoughts on innovation and a very interesting robot.

Welcome to your weekend brunch video round up. We've got a fun selection today. With the emphasis on fun, let's start with dancing otters. My favorite thing about this is that there is a dancing otter dance-off. Dozens of people have taken this same vine of a dancing otter and set it to different music. First, you’ve got reggae otter:

Or with the same video you have Lady Gaga otter:

Or my personal favorite is this person who took the same video and looped it for a whole song:

I think the Lady Gaga fits the most, but I give the Uptown Funk video (the last one) credit for length.

On a more serious tech bent is this video from what appears to be Stephen Fry's Quite Interesting, a show on the BBC. The video was put up this week, but I don't know when the original air date was. This is a fascinating lesson about how innovating one thing really fast might lead you to fail to innovate in other crucial areas:

It is all about being satisfied, I suppose. Speaking of being satisfied, our weekly robot video is about satisfying your hunger. A juice company has invented a robot to feed you tomatoes while you are running. Before I go too into it, you have to see it:

Tomatan is the name of the robot. Which is great because it is a combo of tomato and automaton (at least in my mind). But who needs this? I mean, I get that you might want a snack on the run, but what is wrong with an energy bar in your pocket? Also, why tomatoes? Don’t runners seem to eat bananas? Is someone running right now thinking, "Oh geeze, I wish I had a tomato, and then after that another one would roll out and I could eat a whole bunch of tomatoes"? That said, I enjoy the sheer silliness of a man running with a tomato on his head. Thank you for existing, Japan.

Normally we wrap with the robot of the week, but I'm sharing a bonus video. It is old. I don't know how I missed it, but I did. In case you missed it, too, I love this guy who edited the Star Wars trailer as if George Lucas made it. This is sheer beautiful revenge for those of us forced to watch the "special editions" that ruined our childhood favorites. Have a great weekend, and enjoy the mocking of George Lucas:

Remember: Han shot first.

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