StorageTek Will Manage Storage Networks Remotely

The company has formed a unit that will take over management and monitoring of multivendor storage networks.
The actual management of storage networks remains the biggest impediment to their smooth operation because standards for getting multivendor networks are still forming. Storage-network maker Storage Technology Corp., or StorageTek, isn't waiting, though. It's launching a unit that it says will free customers from much of the management and monitoring of heterogeneous storage networks.

Enterprise Support Services, an outsourcer of sorts, will charge a flat fee for its remote-management services. John LoPorto, VP of storage solutions at StorageTek, says it will "keep the IT managers off the hot seat while the physical gear stays put." The unit is comprised of about 2,300 employees, a handful of which came when StorageTek bought independent software vendor Storability last year.

Fees will be based on what the contracted tasks are, as well as on the complexity of a customer's infrastructure, the amount of data being juggled, how often it's backed up, and other factors.

IDC analyst Doug Chandler applauds the move. StorageTek, in fact, increased its services business last year, a year when such services were losing propositions for competitors. "Anytime you can do multivendor support storage, it gives you a leg up on the other vendors."