Students Design Sensor Network To Protect Romanian Forest

The application works under low power requirements, establishing a network and routing protocol that connects the sensors to a central server. From there, alerts are sent to PDAs if poaching or other illegal activity is detected.
1st Place: Team Name: 44 Tech University: Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania Students: Christian Iuliu Pop, Iaona Romelia Bratie, Omar Choudary, Mircea Dan Gheorghe Project Title: Forest Watcher Description: A monitoring system to prevent forest devastation.

2nd Place: Team Name: Erebus University: University of Southern Florida, United States Students: Albert Ng, Jimal Ramsamooj, Francisco Blanquicet, Scott Werner Project Title: The Erebus Scarecrow Description: An intelligent system to reduce eradication of protected and rare birds in fish farms.

3rd Place: Team Name: Stars University: Xidian University, China Students: Mingming Cheng, Ling Qiu, Wenbo Li, Shaofu Zhang Project Title: Starswave Description: A system designed to conserve electricity through controlled street lamp lighting.

4th Place: Team Name: The Release Candidates University: Politehnica University of Bucharest, Romania Students: Alin Lazar, Andrei Gheorghe, Mihai Ciureanu, Radu Nedelcut Project title: BirdSpot Description: A system for identifying and classifying bird species.

5th Place: Team Name: BUPTUNITED University: Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, China Students: Xingrui Ji, Yi Shi, Lei Wang, Chenpeng Hu Project title: ACES Description: An A1coal mine enhancing system.

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