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Study: Most Cell Phone Users Flunk Mobile Hardware 101

Most mobile phone users don't have the foggiest what kind of cell phone they have, and that makes it difficult for mobile data service marketing.
Most mobile phone users don't know the make or model of their handsets, according to a new study of cell phone subscribers in the U.K.

Conducted for LogicaCMG, the study indicates that service providers seeking to market advanced mobile phone services can be thwarted because neither the user nor the marketing agent know what features to pitch.

"This research demonstrates that many operators could well be trying to sell advanced data services based on the incorrect assumption that the users they are communicating with have basic knowledge of their own handsets," Paul Gleeson, LogicaGMG's chief operating officer, said in a statement.

"Operators and manufacturers can help in the roll out of new mobile data services by ensuring that they control this kind of basic information, rather than depending on their customers often limited knowledge."

The study found also that males in the 15 to 34 age group are most likely to know details of their handset and members of that group are most likely to be interested in advanced mobile data services like multimedia messaging (MMS), video calling and mobile Internet browsing.