Survey: Companies Adopting Mobile Data Faster Than Planned

A survey of enterprise network and telecom executives found that the move to mobile data is happening faster than expected and that organizations are using fewer landline phones.
Enterprises are deploying mobile data applications faster than they had initially expected, according to a survey of corporate network and telecom executives released Monday by Forrester Research.

The survey of 1,000 decision-makers found that almost half have deployed mobile data applications. Such applications include, at the very least, e-mail access. The deployments occurred, on average, 18 percent faster than the enterprises originally planned, according to the study.

The respondents said that the mobilized data will ultimately be used by 23 percent of their workforces, on average, according to the survey. Besides simpler applications such as e-mail, about 30 percent of the organizations are interested in deploying mobile access to key enterprise data, Forrester said in a statement.

The survey also found that the increasing growth of wireless access has meant that enterprises now use, on average, four percent fewer landline connections. In addition, respondents said that they expected about 19 percent of all voice traffic to use mobile services by the end of this year.

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