Sybase Announces App Dev Toolkit For SOAs

The Sybase WorkSpace is an Eclipse-based environment designed to help enterprises migrate to a service-oriented architecture.
Sybase announced the Sybase WorkSpace, an Eclipse-based application development environment designed to help enterprises with the migration to a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The product includes modeling, data management, services assembly and orchestration, Java development, and mobilization, enabling developers to deliver a broad range of applications that leverage heterogeneous infrastructures, including those based on J2EE, .NET, and legacy applications.

Sybase WorkSpace offers support for requirements analysis and design; data and replication modeling; object modeling; and process modeling. It also makes possible reverse engineering of heterogeneous environments for visibility into the enterprise, as well as automated script and code generation for faster development.

"Sybase WorkSpace is the first tool to bridge the gap between SOA and the reality of what development tools are today," said Kathleen Schaub, vice president of marketing for Sybase. "You can use it today, and use it tomorrow to build and deliver virtually any kind of application."

Sybase WorkSpace is designed to make data transparent to developers through graphical development of SQL statements coupled with advanced editing and debugging of stored procedures, triggers, and database events, all of which enable developers to deploy data-driven applications more rapidly.

The product uses graphical tools for creation of services, message transformation, and orchestration of services into composite applications and automated processes, allowing developers new to SOA concepts to leverage existing assets as services in a heterogeneous infrastructure.

Finally, Sybase WorkSpace includes tooling to mobilize data, applications, services, and processes quickly, with support for both online and offline access. "We think that a critical part of getting SOA applications into the hands of users is mobility, and that includes mobilization to a multitude of mobile devices, handhelds, and PDAs," said Loren Corbridge, senior product manager for Sybase.

Sybase WorkSpace will be available in September 2005. For further information, or to join the early adopter program, visit

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