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Tell Us Your Best IT Story In Six Words

IO9's six-word sci-fi story contest has inspired us to ask the same of you. Check out what it's all about, then give us your best shot.
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10 Wildest Google Street View Adventures
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Over at IO9, the second-best place to get your geek on besides IT Life, they're playing a fun game that has inspired me. They're asking readers to write sci-fi stories in six words and share them in the comments section.

Not being one to shy away from a good idea (or even steal it), I want to invite you to play our own version of the game. We want you to tell your best IT stories in six words.

To get you started, let me share some of the brilliant stories from readers over at IO9.

By the far the most chilling came from Bethany Pope: "When grandma unfroze, the carnage began."

Amazingly, Pope came back with another cage rattler: "Eventually, the bones stopped their screaming."

James Myint gave us this lament: "And now the stars are gone."

And of course, sometimes things got funny, like this one from Dan Entwistle: "Sentient toilets were a bad idea."

Feeling inspired yet? I figure you all have stories to tell from your career. Funny moments. Scary moments. Moments where you didn't know what to do. Share them with us in six words. Why six words? Mostly because it seems fun, but also because it is amazing how much more creative you get when someone puts constraints on the way you tell a story.

Let me try a few to get you going:

Security breach. Big fines. CIO fired.

Hey, at least it had a beginning middle and end. How about these?

Late night call. Just restart. Facepalm.

Team-building paintball. Boss wore white.

Back from Hawaiian vacation. Windows upgrade.

What's your story? Tell us in six words in the comments section below. There's no limit: Tell as many as you'd like. And vote up your favorites in the comments section, too. Have fun!