Three Terabytes In A Snap

New storage device from Snap Appliance offers high-end features.
Some markets just won't stand still. Network-attached storage used to offer simple appliances for moving and storing files. But now, customers expect these devices to offer functionality similar to a high-end storage system.

Snap Appliance Inc. Wednesday introduced Snap Server 14000, which offers new features to meet the demands of some small and midsized businesses without sacrificing simplicity. The 14000 will store as much as three terabytes of data as it offloads file management from general-purpose servers.

The device uses a Linux-based operating system called Guardian that can be integrated with Microsoft Active Directory, generate snapshot copies of files while the network is up and running, and allow server-to-server replication. The appliance has redundant drives, Ethernet ports for high availability, and Computer Associate's eTrust Antivirus and Kerberos authentication software for security. The Snap Server 14000 with three terabytes of capacity costs $20,995.

Snap Appliance appears to be moving upstream, step-by-step, so it can compete for larger customers. "The 14000 has important features enhancing the needs of administrators," says Brad Nisbet, an analyst at IDC. "Those features are must-haves for Snap to keep up with the Jones's, which include Microsoft and Network Appliance."