Try the Simplest Thing First to Address Hybrid Network Performance Issues

Quite often, the Wi-Fi link between a home user's computer and the in-home router is the culprit when hybrid network performance issues arise.

The British Comedy Series, The IT Crowd, had a recurring joke that when anyone called their helpline, the first thing the tech support person said was, "have you tried turning it off and on again." While the TV IT guys play up the line for great laughs, the reason it is so memorable is that we all know that turning a system off and back on really does solve many common problems.

In today's world of hybrid work, I think we need another comparable "standard" reply whenever anyone calls in with performance problems while working from home. Why? One thing emerging from the two-plus years of hybrid work due to the pandemic is that degraded performance of video sessions and VoIP calls are some of the most annoying issues home workers face.

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