U.K. Authorities Loosen Airline Laptop Restrictions

For some flights from the U.K., passengers are still allowed to carry only clear plastic bags with tickets, identification, and wallets. But most flights allow small bags as long as they're free of cosmetics, toiletries, liquids, and sharp objects.
As the United Kingdom toned down its terror threat warning and whittled the list of items banned from airplane cabins, some companies that were rethinking laptop travel policies last week decided to postpone major changes.

"We're monitoring the situation with the U.K. and with the U.S., especially in terms of how they're changing their carry-on procedures and, until such time as something definitive comes down, we're kind of in a wait-and-see mode," Michael Cullen, global security officer for Universal Music Group, said in an interview Monday.

U.K. leaders lowered their security alert level and eased passenger flight restrictions. Though for some flights passengers are still allowed to carry only clear plastic bags with tickets, identification and wallets, most flights allowed small bags as long as they were free of cosmetics, toiletries, liquids and sharp objects.

John Livingston, chairperson and CEO of Absolute Software, had said last week that the ban prohibiting laptops, cell phones and other electronic devices in carry-on luggage could foreshadow a more extensive ban and tighter security restrictions. The change this week took some pressure off companies that were scrambling to cope.

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