U.S. Aces Japan On Wireless Nintendo DS Release

Nintendo says that its wireless DS, which started shipping this week in the U.S., won't be available in Japan until December.
It was hardly a surprise that Nintendo started shipping its dual-screen wireless DS player on Monday - the company had been taking pre-orders for weeks and the device had been openly discussed for months.

However, in an unusual move, the company acknowledged this week that it has released the device in the U.S. before releasing it in Japan. Specifically, the company acknowledged that the $149.99 device, which it officially started shipping Monday, won't be released in Japan until December 2.

The device is less than six inches wide and a bit more than three inches deep. It supports Wi-Fi and a proprietary wireless format developed by Nintendo and it's battery delivers as much as 10 hours of play-time, according to the company.

On the downside, only about twelve titles will be available at first, including Tiger Woods PGA Tour, Sims in the City, Spider-Man 2 and Asphalt Urban. However, Nintendo insists that it expects the library to have as many as 25 titles by the end of March and that 125 titles are in development.

Nintendo said it expects to sell four million of the units by the end of next March.

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