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If you're a Web merchant, you are (or had better be) familiar with the Payment Card Industry Data

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InformationWeek Daily - Monday, Feb 11, 2008

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PCI Web Application Security Deadline Looms

If you're a Web merchant, you are (or had better be) familiar with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS. What you may not know is that this June some new rules apply.

Because of the growing risks surrounding Web applications, the PCI Data Security Council -- founded by Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and JCB Cards -- will be enforcing stricter rules when it comes to Web app security.

To their credit, they're mandating that merchants protect Web applications by either Web application firewalls (which aim to protect these apps from exploitation) or have Web applications evaluated by security experts.

The best way to avoid security worries is to develop secure software from the jump. While that's easier said than done, a good tool in your arsenal is a Web application vulnerability scanner that will help you to find and fix flaws during production of your applications.

Be warned: These products aren't perfect, and don't replace eyes skilled at the art of bug finding. But develop Web code without one (or two) at your own risk.

Here are a few pointers to consider when choosing a Web application security scanner:

Relentless, automated bug finder: Any Web application vulnerability scanner you choose needs to be able to find the broad range of Web application vulnerabilities. These include problems such as unvalidated inputs, cracked access controls, cross-site scripting flaws, buffer overflows, and such.

Act like a user: Any scanner you choose should be smart enough to be able to mimic some the actions of a user. It's tough for developers to predict all of the silly things that users will do with their applications. Developers get caught up in how they think users should use the applications. But as any good hacker knows, the fun (and danger) lurks in trying to bend applications in unexpected directions. So let your Web application scanner login and rip through the (hopefully) preproduction version. You could be amazed at what it finds, and the vulnerabilities it finds after the logon.

Web application security is complex, even for experienced developers. This Rolling Review, Strategic Security: Web Applications Scanners, is an excellent place to start.

Read the rest of my blog post and tell me how you are preparing for the new PCI DSS rules.

George Hulme
[email protected]

Quote of The Day

"There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction." -- John F. Kennedy

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Using an on-dash, touch-screen computer that displays information about what equipment is in the truck, drivers can ensure they leave for job sites with the correct tools.

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Year Of The Rat Could Be Mousy For Mobile Handset Makers

A U.S. recession could send the global mobile handset business into the first year-over-year decline in unit sales since the 2001 tech bubble crashed.

TrueSpace Maker Caligari Acquired By Microsoft, CEO Says

The company's 3-D imaging technology is expected to be used to bolster Microsoft's Virtual Earth project.

Mozilla Issues Firefox Security Update

The update addresses 10 security advisories, three of which Mozilla classifies as critical.

Tech Companies To Get Some Help From Stimulus Plan

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Yahoo Launches Live Video Service

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Microsoft OOXML File Format Faces EU Probe

Microsoft is hoping to position OOXML as an alternative to the Open Document Format, which has already received ISO approval.

Gemalto, LG Partner To Build Advanced Mobile Phone

The phones, available later this year, will have a Web server embedded in a SIM card, which is accessed through a phone's browser.

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PCI Web Application Security Deadline Looms
If you're a Web merchant, you're (or had better be) familiar with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS. What you may not know is that this June some new rules apply., February Edition
It's been a while since I checked in to see what's new in the free and open source world of  To my delight, I found quite a bit that's both new and updated -- and if you haven't checked in with the folks at PA before, you're likely to be delighted, too.

An Obscure Concern
I'm attending a symposium on Fair Use at Columbia Law today. Here's a 'rights' angle to consider for VMs while I listen to eight hours of lawyer-talk.

Nokia N96 Multimedia Computer Spotted On German Nokia Site
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