Vendor Says Product Will Fight 'WiPhishing,' Evil Twin Threats

Network security vendor Cirond is readying enterprise-class products said to protect users of public wireless networks against the WiPhishing and Evil Twin threats.
A wireless security vendor Tuesday claimed that it will soon release a suite of products that will combat the so-called WiPhishing and Evil Twin threats to mobile wireless users.

Network security vendor Cirond said it will release a suite of products next week that it said will deal with those related threats. With WiPhishing, hackers lure unsuspecting users into their networks by setting the SSID of an access point or laptop to be the same as that of commonly used hotspots, such as those provided by T-Mobile or Wayport. The Evil Twin threat jams access to legitimate access points and guides users to other, bogus wireless networks.

The company said in a statement that its CEO, Nicholas Miller, and Philip Nobles, a university-based security expert that first discussed the Evil Twin threat, will unveil the company's security products at a press conference next week at a conference in London.

"Every wireless device is a potential route for a hacker into the home or corporate network," Nobles, a professor at Cranfield University in the U.K., said in a statement. "Users may not be aware of the risks to their own data stored on poorly-secured wireless devices and businesses need to ensure that employees use wireless devices that are managed as part of an enterprise security policy."

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