Vendors Partner For Integrated E-Mail-Archiving System

The result of the C2C and Bridgehead deal is an archive that can include E-mail with other file formats.
C2C as announced a technology partnership with Bridgehead Software in which Bridgehead's FileStore has been tested an certified with C2C's e-mail archiving solution.

Archive One customers can take advantage of the FileStore integrated archiving solution to store e-mail along with other formats, such as Office documents.

"E-mail archiving is a specialty area and C2C has a pedigree which impressed us," said Bridgehead managing director Tony Cotterill, who added, "The parallel worlds of e-mail and document archiving are being brought closer by user demands, and we're ready to meet the market with a this very competitive solution."

According to a 2005 survey by C2C and Osterman Research, about 70 percent of organizations prefer an archiving solution that can store various types of electronic documents instead of just single-purpose point solutions for messaging and other types of electronic content. The new partnership attempts to meet that demand.

Features of the new joint technology archiving strategy include:

  • Multicriteria policy-driven archiving of e-mail and files

  • Transparent retrieval of e-mail and files via small links for fast and simple user access to archived data

  • Advanced search and discovery of archives for users

  • GUI-driven administration interfaces

  • Storage management of a wide range of devices

  • Full indexing of e-mail data for fast retrieval

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