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Yesterday was Super Tuesday, perhaps the most critical day for the

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InformationWeek Daily - Wednesday, Feb 6, 2008

Editor's Note

Internet Voting: Bad Idea Or Good Idea?

Yesterday was Super Tuesday, perhaps the most critical day for the presidential election until the general elections this fall. And some voters abroad had the option to cast their ballot online. That's online, as in over the Internet. Are we really ready for this?

If you are a Democrat overseas, you could have gone to, where you had the option to download a PDF ballot to fax or mail in, or you could have voted online.

That just gives me the heebe geebees. It simply seems too easy to tamper with electronic information to trust electronic voting without a paper trail, let alone remote, Internet-based electronic ballots.

Although the traffic is encrypted to the voting Web site, all it takes is a number of insecure notebooks or desktops to infiltrate the system. Virus and worm writers have had no trouble crafting malware designed to pilfer usernames and passwords to access financial systems, so how difficult would it be to tinker with electronic votes?

And the argument that we conduct financial transactions online, so we can also vote online, doesn't hold much water for me. While I'm comfortable managing credit cards and financial accounts online because the banks and credit card companies reduce the consumer's culpability to $50 in most cases, there's no such insurance for an election gone bad.

What would happen if an election was compromised, and there was no way to prove who actually won? The only thing we'd have to recount, with Internet voting, would be the bits -- not paper -- and bits are just too easily altered, or destroyed, to trust with democracy.

Read the rest of my blog post and let me know whether you think Internet voting is a good idea or a bad idea by posting a comment.

George Hulme
[email protected]

Quote of The Day

"The only function of economic forecasting is to make astrology look respectable." -- John Kenneth Galbraith

Top Stories

Assessing Windows Vista On Its First Anniversary
In its first year, Micrsoft's highly touted operating system has had a rocky start as users have struggled to get a grip on applications compatibility, usability, and performance issues.

White Paper

IBM To Open Two More Offshore Development Centers In India

Yet IBM isn't immune from a talent war that has raised questions about skill levels of employed engineers in India.

Facebook Site Prompts Sexual Assault Charges At College

A male student at Lewis & Clark College has been suspended after a group rallies around a site devoted to exposing his alleged attack on a female sophomore.

Media And Tech Companies Overconfident About Security, Survey Finds

Still, 49% of those queried said they're falling behind on security threats and only 7% believed their security situation was improving.

MIT, TI Researchers Design Ultra-Low Voltage Chip

Chips using the new design might be able to run off ambient energy, such as body heat or body movement, MIT said.

High Tech E-Voting Problems Plague Super Tuesday

Precincts from some of the 24 states voting in the presidential primary Tuesday are reporting performance issues with their electronic tally machines.

Opera Upgrades Mobile Web Browser

Opera Mobile 9.5 uses Opera's zoom technology to enlarge content on a Web page.

Microsoft Gets Gartner's Business Intelligence Top Ranking

The company makes a surprise leap ahead of Business Objects and Cognos in its ability to execute on BI products and pricing.

Rhapsody Takes Over Yahoo's On-Demand Music

Yahoo's change in music offerings comes as Microsoft tries to acquire the company for $44.6 billion.

'Pi For President' Campaign Is Launched

A Web site aimed at mathematicians and computer geeks is running pi, with its infinite and endless series of digits, for president.

Flaws Found In ActiveX Controls Used By Facebook, MySpace

US-CERT also issued similar warnings for Yahoo's MediaGrid ActiveX control and the Datagrid ActiveX control.

Nvidia Buys Gaming Software, Hardware Maker Ageia

Nvidia plans to use Ageia products in conjunction with CUDA to build programs that offload work from a computer's general-purpose CPU to a separate graphics-processing unit.

Windows Vista SP1 Release Delayed By Driver Troubles

Microsoft has yet to finish ensuring that Windows Vista SP1 will work properly with keyboards, printers, mice, and other peripheral devices.

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Fear And Voting -- Online
Let me knock down two tired reasons why just about none of us will be able to vote online today, Super Tuesday, or at any time during the 2008 presidential primaries or general election.

Gartner Shakes Open Source's 8 Ball
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Here's What The Google Phone Could Look Like
Speculation about how the GPhone is shaping up has taken a temporary back seat to the chatter about Google's efforts to throw a monkey wrench into Microsoft's bid for Yahoo. But what developers are doing with the Android SDK, released last fall to inspire the flowering of a thousand independent Google Phones, is actually much more interesting. Now there's some stuff to look at, too.

Internet Voting: Bad Or Good Idea?
It's Super Tuesday, perhaps the most critical day for the presidential election until the general elections this fall. And some voters abroad will have the option to cast their ballot online. That's online, as in over the Internet. Are we really ready for this?

Dell Says No Thanks To Notion Of Buying Motorola's Mobile Unit
Dell CEO Michael Dell said that his company is "more focused on the computer business" and not so focused on mobile phones. In other words, Dell doesn't want to touch Motorola with a ten-foot pole. But who would be interested in Motorola?

Full Nelson: Agito's FMC On TechWeb TV
Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) is anything but fixed these days, although several pieces are coming together. Nokia has several dual mode handsets, for example. Carriers like T-Mobile and BT are rolling out new services. Most of the activity has been aimed at the consumer, and while that isn't an unlikely target, FMC promised to be a key component for the truly mobile enterprise worker. Agito Networks hopes to provide some answers on the infrastructure side.

Source: Yahoo Talking To Google To Fend Off Microsoft
According to a Reuters report, Yahoo said it would consider joining forces with Google in order to prevent Microsoft from acquiring it. What sort of partnership could it strike with Google that would hold Microsoft at bay while not triggering antitrust issues? Oh, and Yahoo says $31 per share isn't good enough.

Dell Looks To iSCSI To Restore Former Luster
The merger of Dell's manufacturing know-how and EqualLogic's innovation were supposed to result in all sorts of storage goodies when Dell acquired the company late last year. Now, if the combined assets could just fix the rest of what's ailing Dell.

New Botnet Army On The March
There's a new botnet (a network of malicious nodes, known as "bots") gaining strength, and it's successfully infiltrating U.S. companies by bypassing traditional antivirus products.

White Paper

NAC Best Practices: Three Simple Steps to Deploy Network Access Control
You need network access control (NAC)—not just to ensure compliance of systems known to IT—but also to exclude unauthorized computers. Having an enterprise-level strategy for security compliance and access control is essential to protecting your organization from a broad spectrum of potential threats.

Breaking the Bottleneck - Solving the Storage Challenges of Next Generation Data
This paper takes a holistic view of the data center, discusses each of these components individually, and explains how the crucial element of Storage has lagged behind advancements in Compute Power and the Network.

Data Center Transformation
This white paper presented a disciplined approach to BOCA projects consisting of five phases: assess, plan, build, stabilize, and optimize.

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