Wave Of Unofficial WiMAX Interoperability Testing Begins

A WiMAX equipment vendor says it has completed its own interoperability tests using equipment based on chipsets from different vendors.
WiMAX equipment vendor Aperto Networks said Monday that it has conducted its own interoperability tests between equipment it has developed based on chipsets from Intel and Fujitsu.

Official, full-fledged interoperability testing for WiMAX equipment, sponsored by the WiMAX Forum, will begin in July at the CETECOM laboratory in Spain. Equipment certified by that laboratory is expected to start being available to wireless ISPs at the end of this year.

However, Aperto said that, prior to submitting its PacketMAX products to the certification labs, it conducted its own interoperability tests of its equipment built around different chipsets. It found that the equipment interoperated successfully.

"This milestone is a key step towards the promise of WiMAX, where broad-based interoperability will provide service providers with easy-to-deploy and best-of-breed system elements," Aperto CEO Reza Ahy said in a statement. "We have performed substantial conformance testing and pre-staging in our labs for the submission of our PacketMAX portfolio to the CETECOM labs. We are also performing bilateral interoperability with other key players to ensure a smooth process through the WiMAX Forum defined tests."

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