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What Enterprises Can Expect as Carriers to Spend Billions on Broadband Rollouts

From funding to the front door, IT managers can learn from state-level fiber expansions and benefit from programs created to speed high-speed Internet buildouts powered by federal legislation, the FCC, and annual carrier capital expenditures.

The knock on the door might not be a marketer asking you to sign up for solar panels. Instead, it may be a door-to-door salesperson pitching broadband Internet from a provider you may not have heard of.

AT&T and Google Fiber have confirmed that they are taking it to the streets in an aggressive effort to sell fiber-based products in newly entered areas and against entrenched incumbent telcos and cable companies.

The fiber forays will deliver high-speed Internet service to support work-from-home efforts, virtual education, telemedicine, streaming services, and gaming.

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