What Home Pages Tell (And Don't Tell) About A Candidate

We visited each of the candidates' sites Aug. 8 to see how they are addressing the Internet electorate and found many surprises.
Carol Moseley Braun

Carol Moseley Braun campaign site

Ease of contributing money: Standard.

Excitement: None, really. A beatific smile from the candidate makes me want to help her, with whatever she's trying to do. One of the headlines on the page deflates much of whatever momentum her photo has created: "New Poll! Democrat defeats Bush; Carol in the middle of the pack."

Clarity of purpose: It's clear. She wants to be president in 2004.

Clarity of message: It's a sore spot here. There's just not a lot to go on other than a quote on the page: "Experience and vision for peace, prosperity, and progress."

Amount of useful information: See above.

Professionalism: Could almost be a site that was built for someone running for state judge.

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