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WiMax Certification Testing Begins

The WiMax Forum has begun its official testing process; equipment is expected to be available by year-end.
Certification testing of WiMAX wireless broadband equipment has started, the WiMAX Forum said Wednesday.

The testing, originally scheduled to begin earlier this year in Malaga, Spain, will lead to the availability later this year of interoperable and standards-based equipment. So far, a number of wireless ISPs are offering pre-standard WiMAX service, but they are expected to upgrade their equipment.

At the same time as the testing has started, WiMAX Forum members are meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia and are showing off a number of WiMAX products and applications such as streaming media.

"The fact that much of the equipment running successfully in Canada is the same equipment going through certification in Spain is extremely encouraging and bodes well for the future of WiMAX and the advent of true personal broadband," Ron Resnick, president of the WiMAX Forum, said in a statement.