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Yahoo Plans MyWeb Update

Improvements include integrating MyWeb search results with the general Yahoo search engine.
Yahoo Inc. on Monday said it would launch an update of its MyWeb service that lets subscribers share and search each other's favorite Web pages.

The service would be upgraded Monday night with a new user interface and additional features to make the site more intuitive and easier to navigate, a Yahoo spokeswoman said.

The improvements include integrating MyWeb search results with the general purpose Yahoo search engine. New sections called "Top Tags" and "Interesting Today" would be added to highlight what users are currently looking at. A "Tag Finder" feature is also being added to make it easier for users to find people with similar interests and view their saved pages.

People use tags in MyWeb to categorize Web pages and make them easier to find later.

Bookmarks saved in the MyWeb upgrade would be exportable to any browser, and logging in to the service would no longer be required.