bMighty News Flash: Wednesday June 3, 2009

Today's top tech news for small and midsize businesses: BakBone offers SMB's continuous data protection, AT&T launches "All for Less" bundle for SMBs, SMBs not fully equipped for disasters, and more. . .

"You need to be aware of some key issues with social networking tools in general. First of all, your access to and control of what is said on social networks is often very limited. This is true for both internal and external applications. Also, backup and disaster recovery provisions can be lacking. If something happens, it may be difficult to restore all the lost content. And, especially with internal tools, be aware that the interfaces are often oriented toward power users. Regular, non-technical users may need a surprising amount of training and encouragement to master the tools."
-- Fredric Paul

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  • Intuit Buys PayCycle -- Intuit will buy online payroll provider for $170 Million to expand its software-as-a-service offerings for smaller businesses



  • AT&T Launches "All for Less" Bundle For SMBs -- Package includes 450 minutes of talk time each month for wireless devices, high-speed Internet access, unlimited local and domestic long distance calling, call forwarding and caller ID, and an Internet package with 11 e-mail accounts and AT&T wireless Internet connectivity
  • G2 Coming To T-Mobile In July -- T-Mobile is spreading word about the launch of the Android G2 but isn't saying which device will actually carry the T-Mobile G2 name-tag
  • New iPhone Software May Allow Application Sharing -- Apple's iPhone Software 3.0 may introduce features that let users share their purchased applications with family or friends
  • INQ Mobile Building Twitter Phone -- The company is building a phone that has strong integration with the popular microblogging service and costs less than $140



  • Red Condor Launches BotHunter -- Included in Red Condor's e-mail security solutions, BotHunter monitors bot activity in real-time across the Internet
  • SMBs Not Fully Equipped For Disasters -- Agility Recovery Solutions SMB market analysis finds that most SMB's are majorly underprepared for disasters and misled by existing data backup plans


  • Office Depot Launches SMB Self-Help Site -- Survival of the Smartest site offers business resources, templates, forms, advice, and more than $1 million in prizes
  • Google Local Gives SMBs A Dashboard -- Google is offering local businesses with physical addresses, a free Google Analytics like dashboard, that'll show stats such as how many times their business comes up as a search result
  • Mahalo Unveils Redesign -- The "human-powered search engine" restructures to focus on leveraging user-contributed content, streamlined editing, and a revenue-share model
  • Adobe Launches BrowserLab -- The hosted online service that lets professional Web designers preview how their sites will look in various Web browsers on the Mac and Windows platforms
  • Apptix Adopts 100% Uptime SLA -- Provider of hosted Microsoft Exchange e-mail, Microsoft SharePoint collaboration services, and hosted VoIP phone service for SMBs announces 100% uptime service level agreement for its hosted services on the Apptix OnDemand platform
  • SunGard Secure2Disk Provides Online Backup and Recovery Services -- Solution helps organizations upgrade their tape-based backup systems for their servers, virtual machines, databases, e-mail applications, and storage devices with an online service that provides multiple generations of their backed-up information on an onsite SunGard appliance
  • Tibco To Offer Cloud Computing Software -- Analysts expect the cloud computing field to grow rapidly over the coming years as companies look to slash costs by outsourcing costly data center operations
  • Time On Social Networks Almost Doubles -- Nielsen Online finds the number of minutes on social networks in the United States rose 83% in April from the same month a year ago
  • 90% Of Tweets From 10% Of Twitter Users -- Harvard Business Review study finds that the top 10% of Twitter users account for more than 90% of all tweets with the median number of lifetime tweets per user being just one tweet
  • Google Launches Google Search Appliance 6.0 -- The newest version of the Google Search Appliance, 6.0 is designed to help it compete in the enterprise search market against companies such as Microsoft

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