Boost Your Brand From The Inside

Your employees are one of your business' best marketing assets -- so why not put them to work?
Show The Human Side
While revenue may be a welcome side effect of an internal referral competition, it also represents an excellent opportunity to humanize the company for your staff. A lot of companies' value propositions sound like arcane business concepts that have no actual impact on real human beings. The reality is completely opposite. The chances are, your company is one that helps people and businesses succeed -- and by extension, the people and families who work with them. You should be constantly communicating that message to your employees.

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Otherwise, they your team may view the referral process and brand reputation as a chore. The more clarity they have in regards to how they help the business and consumer community, the more likely they are to become brighter brand beacons. The best brands and referrals are real and heartfelt.

Reap The Rewards
Building an internal brand is important because you have, by default, designated each and every one of your employees to be bearers of your company's brand. Their actions and perception of your company will directly impact your corporate reputation and brand image.

A positive brand identity leads to loyal customers, strong referral sources and strong internal growth. Bottom line: Take care of your employees and they, in turn, will take care of your brand.

Burton M. Goldfield currently serves as president and chief executive officer of TriNet, an HR outsourcing company. In this role, Goldfield is responsible for setting TriNet's overall corporate strategy and directing business operations; he also provides strategic guidance in regards to TriNet's human capital offerings.

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