Salesforce 2.0 Adds Voice, IM With Ribbit

The CRM software add-on provides voice mail transcriptions and integration of Google Talk and Skype.
The Web phone company Ribbit said it has improved its communication services with the launch of Ribbit for Salesforce 2.0.

Ribbit, which bills itself as Silicon Valley's first phone company, created a platform that allows developers to integrate voice communications into software and Web sites. The company's software-based call-switching technology allows developers to tie voice from any Flash-enabled browser to a public telephone network or VoIP networks.

The original integration linked cell phones to Salesforce's customer-relationship management software. The latest version retains that link, but it also enables calls, voice mails, and voice memos to automatically flow into the Salesforce CRM.

Besides sending an audio file into the Salesforce CRM, there's also the option of getting a transcription of the voice messages. This makes searching and organizing client information easier, Ribbit said. The latest version also integrates Skype and Google Talk.

"We're thrilled to launch the new version of Ribbit for Salesforce and to partner with a group of leading companies in the ecosystem which share our goal of maximizing customer productivity," said Greg Goldfarb, general manager of enterprise applications for Ribbit. "The integration capabilities for Ribbit for Salesforce open up many opportunities for customers to meet day-to-day sales challenges, which are especially relevant in today's climate."

Ribbit for Salesforce 2.0 starts at $25 a month per user, and there's a 30-day free trial. There are upgrade options available for transcription services and outbound calling as well. Ribbit executives said they understand businesses may be reluctant to spend on new services with the current economic climate, but Ribbit said the productivity enhancements more than make up for the initial costs.

The company was recently acquired by British Telecom for $105 million. At the time, the telecom said the voice platform could lead to powerful business apps, and the telecom shut down its own Web21C SDK program and replaced it with Ribbit.