Why IBM Choosing Arvind Krishna Over Jim Whitehurst Was Wise

It was widely expected that Red Hat's Jim Whitehurst would be Ginni Rometty's successor. Instead, the job is going to Arvind Krishna -- and that's probably a good thing. – ITPro Today

It's official: Jim Whitehurst isn't going to be CEO of IBM anytime soon.

Last week's announcement of a changing of the guard at IBM was a surprise, but not because Ginni Rometty will be stepping down as the company's CEO and president. The surprise was mostly with the person the board voted to replace her – Arvind Krishna, IBM's senior VP for cloud and cognitive software, as well as the person IBM credits as the principal architect of its cloud strategy and its $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat. Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat's CEO who's now also a SVP for IBM, will be taking over as Big Blue's president. Rometty will retain her position as the company's board chairman through the end of the year, then retire after a 40-year career at IBM.

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