Welcome to the 2010 InformationWeek 500 Publicity Resource Center

Congratulations on being named to the 2010 InformationWeek 500.

The InformationWeek 500 is the most prestigious list in business technology recognizing the most innovative users of technology. Now itís time to share this great achievement!

To help you, weíve put together a press release template for you to personalize and distribute. Youíll also find information on how we can help you get the word out with our partner PR Newswire and information on logo usage, article reprints and how you can order awards for all the members of your team.

Just remember that you canít jump the gun. You must hold your announcement until Wednesday, September 15, 2010 after 9:00am ET.

Let's get started. You'll need the user name and password given to you by InformationWeek.

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