2011 InformationWeek 500 | 2011 InformationWeek 500 Conference

The Need For Speed: 9 Critical Trends For Innovative IT
This year's InformationWeek 500 companies are fast, focused, and better funded. Learn from our analysis of how they're mastering today's key issues. Read more >

Top Company: PACCAR Inc.
Heavy Truck Maker Revs Up IT Innovation: Amid brutal recession, PACCAR makes its mark with in-vehicle electronics. Read more >

No. 2: Levi Strauss & Co.
Social Media's A Perfect Fit: Clothing maker leverages Facebook and other media to build its brand and reach more customers. Read more >

No. 3: Waste Management Inc.
Trash Disposal Company's New Model: Garbage In, Profits Out: Waste Management uses statistical models to drive price optimization as part of companywide transformation. Read more >

No. 4: Quintiles
Pharma Services Provider Uses Cloud To Drive Revenue: Quintiles' Infosario suite provides analytics and other cloud-based tools. Read more >

No. 5: Catalina Marketing Corp.
At The Cutting Edge Of 'Big Data': Catalina marketing is speedy, too, delivering insights within a second of a transaction. Read more >

2011 Top 10 IT Innovators
What does it take to be among the U.S.'s most innovative users of business technology? Here are the CIOs and some key information on the top 10. Read more >

20 Great Ideas To Steal
InformationWeek 500 innovators have creative solutions to not-so-unusual business problems. Could these help your company? Read more >

Business Value Innovators
These eight projects have earned our Business Innovator awards for InformationWeek 500 initiatives that deliver practical value in critical areas.
- P&G Turns Analysis Into Action
- Waste Management Software Helps Find The Right Price
- How FedEx Has Adapted From Overnight To Over Net
- How Vail Turns Resort Customers Into 'Brand Activists'
- Prudential Financial Shifts Toward Paperless Insurance Processes
- Eli Lilly Uses Web To Broaden Drug Research Reach
- Asset Tracking Aids Huge BP Cleanup
- How Penn Medicine Mines E-Records For Clinical Trial Prospects

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