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Everything You've Been Told About Mobility Is Wrong
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And I totally agree about enabling/embracing showrooming.  This was discussed at a recent analytics summit I went to too.

For my own part, if I look up the item online and see it's $9 cheaper on the other side of town, maybe I still buy it from you anyway because I don't want to go to the other side of town... But if I don't have the capability, maybe I leave and come back.

I remember when I needed to buy a suit in a semi-emergency because I was on vacation but something had come up for the next day and I wouldn't have time to go home.  I wound up spending an afternoon visiting almost every store on the street... eventually went back to the first store I started at and bought TWO suits.  Would have been so much nicer if showrooming had been an option at that store so I could have saved time AND money (gas).

Thanks again, @Sara and @Sean, and everyone. I'll see you next time. :) 

Sweet.  Thanks, Katie.  (looking at article now)

@zerox: Already, the technology exists to combine video retail analytics w/ CRM... so let's say you notice the customer picked up the item, then put it back.  A mobile notification gets sent to their phone (if they're subscribed to it), or gets sent to the device of a nearby floor person, offering that customer 10% off the item.

@zerox: There's a Nordstrom nearish to Copley, isn't there?  Dartmouth Street, I think?  Or am I confusing it w/ Lord & Taylor?

@Katie: I'm surprised more department stores don't do it.

But on the other hand, a question.  Many stores sort of DEPEND upon people browsing/impulse-buying.  Is there any research/insight you're aware of in terms of how to deploy a retail brick-and-mortar mobile strategy effectively in a balanced way -- so that you're not cutting the customer off/preempting the customer from making an additional purchase while browsing vs. the problem of your sales staff is difficult to find?


@Michael, the program continues here with discussion with Sean, who is probably on his way to the chat room.

@Katie: Thanks!  Looking forward to the Latitude feature when that comes out (I like the build of Latitudes way more than almost any other non-"rugged" laptop I've ever used.  Even aside from good parts, they're pretty sturdy.  I had a D300-something series in law school that I dropped a zillion times on hard tile, city sidewalk pavement, etc....  A couple of tiny marks but the thing still ran like a champ.)

@Ashu, what heating issues?

@Sara, @Sean: Thanks! Lovely and lively presentation. :D Super. *clap clap clap*

It's especially useful/efficient with Dragon.

@Sara! I love the new look. :) And this presentation is great.

@zerox203: So good points there about what is a mobile worker.


@Katie: No worries.  Thanks.  :)

Also, I seem to recall Dell used to make a Latitude convertible tablet... I think it was called the XT series???  Does Dell still make those?  I remember having trouble finding them at one point (new, anyway).

Is anyone working on developing enterprise-grade applications for their own business. How does that jive with the issues of mobility we're facing now?



And the second thing that's most important to me is not having to run Android.  :p

The thing that's most important to me with a tablet is screen size.  I'd have one with a 15+" screen if I could.

Sean is a good presenter. I like the rythm he has. 

(for those accessories?)

@Katie: Can you provide the online shopping link?

@Technorati! :D Good you fixed it. Chrome is working well for me, though. 

I think a lot of enterprises don't understand that a goal is not a strategy.

@ashu001- That might be true about CIOs putting out fires, but if it is, he needs to get his directors on board to fighting fires so he can stop that.


"including some we may not manufacture" How funny. :D

I'm amazed by how many sentences you can start with "the majority of companies don't havre an X strategy."


Ugh.  I still have a couple of 6520s and they're already up to the 7000s.  Just can't stay ahead of the game.  :p

I remember when the mobile strategy was when they let you borrow the one laptop in the office. You had that option. That was the plan.


I think I'm about 90 seconds behind on this broadcast.  :/  Oh, well.

"majority of companies don't really have a mobility strategy"

Well, no duh.  :p

@Dave: I could see that getting annoying, though, unless you can separate the keyboards.

That's right. How long have we been discussing mobility strategy? :/ Who remembers? It feels like forever. :D

@Joe- My daughter is at camp and discovered "Fruit by the Foot" yesterday. I wonder if we can have keyboards that work that way. You put a bunch together and you roll them out at conference tables and everyone's got one.


10 hours?  That's impressive.

@Dave: Now I want a Fruit Roll-up.  :p

@Bhori: Chrome is working well for me.

@[email protected] Ha! But the garbage bag is so stylish. :)


@David: Use other email services on their own webhosts, or encrypted email services that don't have such oppressive TOS.

But honestly, most lawyers don't give a darn about these quibbles, and the issue hasn't -- to my knowledge, anyway -- been brought before a State Bar.

What sort of battery life are people getting with tablets in the enterprise. I always find that I run out of juice no matter whatever devices I use. Anyone have any luck?



We are in a three device situation, but I think we can get it down to 2. My phone is so big and powerful I've noticed i've stopped using my tablet for much but watching video.


@Joe- I might have to try the rollup. I didn't like earlier versions, but there are new generaitons.


@Bhori: I'm also using Chrome and it's working well. Can't explain.


Chrome works perfect, in case you are experiencing problems with your browser.

@Bhori- No, and i'm sorry. Did you, by any chance, try to push past the 33 second mark manually?


@David: Great investment I made: a rubber rollup Bluetooth keyboard, about $20 at Brookstone. I prop up my phone, whip out this little roll-up thing, and type away.

They even sell these laser virtual keyboards now where it projects a keyboard onto a surface and you type literally on the desk/table/whatever surface.

@Joe- I get that, but what would lawyers have to do instead?


Yes, I believe tablets will become the primary device for many people.

@Rich- Fair enough. I wouldn't know the details of the requirements.


@Bhori: Mine is working fine. What browser are you using?



BTW, there's a great YouTube series I came across today on HIPAA compliance -- which really should be watched by everybody regardless of industry because they're full of good data privacy compliance tips in general.

@David: Depends on what industry he's in.

Interestingly, there has been a minor debate going on the legal sector as to whether lawyers can ethically confer with clients via Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and the like, because of the TOS you agree to when you use the service.

It's good that people are changing their view about tablets in the enterprise. 

To me, it is all about the tiny (or non-existent) keyboards.


@Rich- I agree with you, but doesn't Facebook put you at some compliance risks?


I like the container concept, but doesn't the container become something new to guard? Isn't the container just a new target to hack?


@Rich: I think it's an actual Dell Venue tablet.

So what are the troubles people in the audience are having with mobility? Security? Netowrking? Making it cost effective?



Same thing in medicine.  "We can't perform this procedure on you unless you sign this."  What are you going to do?  Not sign it?

@zerox: At the same time, as was pointed out to me at a recent conference, how powerful is it if you're a salesman on the road, on your way to meet a client, and you get a mobile alert about open support tickets that client has.

@Ashish, I always go against all the myths. :D

Actually been considering getting a Dell Venue Pro.

@HH, and elegant. :) 

HH: That's our lovely Sara! :D Doesn't she look pretty? 

Hi, guys.  Took a couple of minutes, but I'm here.  :)

If that doesn't work, we know some browsers and security combos don't go well together. Try another browser.


The video has started. If you don't have video yet, refresh your browser.


It's about time we talked about these misconceptions and myths. :)


If this is your first IWeek live event, welcome. If it is not your first, welcome back. Everyone should feel free to ask questions, join int he chat, and mix it up. We're a friendly bunch.


So I believe what is happening is that the guest and host are actually joining us in the chat and that this is pre-recorded. My apologies if I'm wrong. But if our guest is int he chat room, please let us know what your ID is. Thanks.


We can also guess Sara's wig color. Or if anyone wants, they can guess what I'm wearing. :)


Hi Gigi3. i hope to see Gigi1 and Gigi2 here as well. :)


Just to be contraian, i suspect some of the things I've been told about mobile is correct. For isntance, i bet I can walk around with it. :)


Hi everyone. Nice to see a big crowd.


@Hospice: Lied in what way?


Hi everyone: Looking forward to the chat in a few hours with Sean. Get your questions ready.


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