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H-1B Visa Program: 13 Notable Statistics
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User Rank: Strategist
11/20/2014 | 9:05:12 AM
You forgot the most important statistic
The percentage of Americans displaced by visa holders in computer related jobs.

On the front page of Keep America At Work you will find the following article that I think you will want to read.

Why exactly are President Obama and our Corporations saying they can't hire enough STEM workers when it is obvious that there is no shortage using the Technology Industries own EEO-1 submissions?

The above link looks at all categories available on a nationwide basis of EEO-1 submissions by companies employing over 100 employees.

I do not believe Americans in America will like what they are seeing because it shows that American software workers, especially white, and black are going to need lots of vaseline to deal with the temporary worker visa scam that is being forced on them via our corporations, and enabled by our politicians.

This is America.

Americans have the skills to build anything in the world better than anybody else can...

Perhaps it is time that we Keep America At Work!
User Rank: Ninja
11/20/2014 | 9:36:58 AM
Re: You forgot the most important statistic
Sir, I agree with your basic sentiments here. even many current h-1b holders are unhappy about the current system which just prompts more abuse and exploitation at the hands of employers. why don't we just shut the system down entirely and speed up the process of those who are already here on their second and third h-1bs so that they get automatic greencards? After all,these folks have already contributed over 10 years of taxes to the us economy andwould like to contribute more as American citizens. why not givethem that chance automatically? Isn't way better (from a skills point of view) than those 5 million illegals (none of whom pay income taxes to uncle sam)who obama wants to hand us passports to?
User Rank: Moderator
11/20/2014 | 9:54:47 AM
Competitive Labor Markets
Let us not forget that many of the IT giants claiming that there is a shortage of qualified US IT workers are the same companies that illegally colluded to reduce or eliminate competition in the labor market by agreeing not to "poach" either other's talent, thus suppressing wages that would normally be bid up by those firms to attract talent.  There is NO shortage of domestic IT talent.  It's just that, as with so much else, IT firms are in a race to the bottom in terms of wages and benefits.

I do not blame the people getting H1-Bs for anything.  I have found them to be eager and hardworking and focused on building a life for themselves here in the US, and I agree that getting a green card should be easier.  I have also seen how the whole H1-B process is like formalized indentured servititude, where the company that "owns" your H1-B visa controls your destiny, and usually suppresses your earnings as well until you qualify for a green card.
Stephane Parent
Stephane Parent,
User Rank: Moderator
11/20/2014 | 9:58:08 AM
H-1B salaries
I understood the big draw in using H-1B was that companies could obtain cheaper resources. At an average of $79K, I can't imagine that is considered "cheap".

I find it fascinating that in my staffing experience local (Canadian) candidates with master's degrees have lower salary expectations than non-citizen candidates similarly qualified.
User Rank: Author
11/20/2014 | 10:03:05 AM
Age and H-1B
"If you want to make that link between H-1B visas and age discrimination, here's a number that should catch your attention: In FY 2012, 72% of H-1B holders were between the ages of 25 and 34..." That certainly is an interesting statistic. On the other hand, it shouldn't surprise anyone that companies using H-1B candidates favor using people at the beginning of their careers -- it is a cost equation. Costs drive this whole exercise.
User Rank: Strategist
11/20/2014 | 10:16:22 AM
Re: You forgot the most important statistic
Believe me, I realize that both sides (visa holders & citizens) are but pawns in a game of greed.

The only solution I can see would be to bring our jobs back from offshore so that we create more jobs than we have citizens for, which would mean that we would need additional help.

The current system does no more than pit citizen against immigrant, and it is a lose / lose for everybody except the corporations

Go to keep america at work and look at the recent article I wrote about infosys and thanksgiving, and getting together to find a solution to see what I mean.
User Rank: Ninja
11/20/2014 | 10:55:44 AM
Need a few more numbers
I want one more number here to make it complete: The number of U.S. graduates ages 25-34 with a degree in IT that are currently looking for a job. (And maybe the numbers of those over 35 that are looking too)

If the visas fill a need the education system in the U.S. needs to look at why. Why are we not churning out enough IT graduates to fill the needs of the companies looking? What opportunities and experiences are available in other countries that make the visa holders more valuable than U.S. graduates? Or is it really all about cutting costs by getting cheaper labor?
User Rank: Ninja
11/20/2014 | 1:56:56 PM
Re: Need a few more numbers
We can argue but everything is about money. I beleive human by nature are corrupted. My indian colleague took a few CS classes with connection now he's working for a fortune company.

In the 90s people rushed to study CS/IT. I was one of them. I graduated with BS after the dot com bust. I was willing to work for little money at a mid size company. Could not get it. I have to settle for little money with small companies. I do what I love but money doesn't come. My old college friends either joined the navy,army or switched to other careers.

Companies are trying to make more money so the owners/CEOs can get a new house,bmw, or mistress. I can't believe my tiny company outsource too.
User Rank: Apprentice
11/20/2014 | 3:29:13 PM
An inconvenient fact and a suggestion:
One thing the author fails to mention is that if an H-1B applicant loses the lottery, his fees are fully refunded.Because of this, many companies file extra petitions to improve the chances of getting the number they want. The total number of filings relates more to how many companies are trying to game the system than it does to actual need.

The solution:

First, we need to make sure there is a cost to apply for an H-1B visa, even of the lottery is lost. I think keeping half of the filing fee would go a long way toward getting rid of those trying to game the system.

Next, we need to change the lottery to a sealed-bid auction based on pay.
After the initial 5 day acceptance period, grant visas only to the companies paying the highest wages. That way, American companies who really need H-1Bs will be able to get them by offering high wages, while the low-ballers and body shops will be out of luck.
In the next year, raise the low end minimum bid to the second quintile of acceptable bids, and keep raising it each year until the minimum matches or exceeds the median pay for American workers.
After a few years, the current limit on H-1Bs, will be more than enough to fill the need, and we can lower the limit.
The change would be gradual enough for the companies who do not really need foreign talent to ween themselves off the program and back on to American workers.
User Rank: Ninja
11/21/2014 | 11:21:16 AM
Re: You forgot the most important statistic

How are you reading the latest Obama Immigration Overhaul annoucement?

Sure Congress(and especially all the Republicans) have vowed to Defeat it by fair means or foul;but I personally feel(after going through the Details of the plan;need to still see how it will work in practice).

That it will be a good deal for most H-1Bs today.

It would have been better if he would also have brought a proposal to reduce the H-1B Quota for Fresh Enrollees but By and By(if this is how the US Government decides to implement things finally) ;It will be a massive-massive improvement over the existing mess.

Bottomline is that someone who has been working in the US for over a decade continously should get an Automatic Green Card and you have to also control flow of Techies constantly flowing in from abroad depressing American Wages in the process.

That's the only way to end this mess decisively.

Could you please send me the Title of the article you had written recently(Infosys and Thanksgiving)?

I would love to read it.
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