Intel Boosts Its Taiwan WiMax Investment To $500 Million

Other companies working on Taiwan's WiMax program include Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola, Nokia, Sprint Nextel, and Starent Networks.
Taiwan's effort to rollout a nationwide WiMax network got an important shot in the arm Monday when Intel said it will invest $500 million in the country with most of that amount targeted for the WiMax sector.

The Taiwan government and a group of high tech countries said last fall they will invest $664 million in WiMax deployments.

Taiwan's M-Taiwan mobile program is aimed at covering the island country with Mobile WiMax as Taiwan's indigenous manufacturing industry hopes to remain in the vanguard of WiMax development and production. While companies from around the world are contributing to Taiwan's WiMax effort, Taiwan is hoping foreign countries will base much of their manufacturing in Taiwan.

In reporting its $500 million Taiwan investment, Lil Mohan, managing director of Intel's WiMax program, said the $500 million will be invested over the next five years. "This investment is largely for WiMax," Mohan told the Reuters news service. "Japan will probably launch the first (in Asia) since they have already invested lots of money."

Previously, Taiwan government spokesmen said other firms committed to working on its WiMax program included Alcatel-Lucent, Motorola, Nokia, Sprint Nextel, and Starent Networks.

Intel has said 2008 will be the year when WiMax begins to make a major impact. The semiconductor company is promoting the idea that PC manufacturers include its WiMax chips in their designs. In recent days, ASUStek Computer and Acer Inc. reported that they plan to include WiMax chips in their PC designs.

Earlier this month, Intel announced the creation of a new $500 million China Technology Fund II to follow its earlier $200 million fund that invested in China.