10 Annoyingly Addictive iPhone, Android Apps

These deceitfully simple games for iPhones and Android smartphones will thwart all attempts at productivity and communication. Proceed with caution.
Two Dots
Piano Tiles
Powder -- Alpine Simulator

In a perfectly distraction-free world, our iPhones and Android smartphones would be pure productivity machines. On top of enabling global communication, most provide access to hundreds of apps designed to help you get things done.

However, anyone who has downloaded Candy Crush can attest to the fact that smartphones are capable of both maximizing and destroying productivity.

Smartphones have quickly transitioned from nice-to-have to must-have devices. It's nearly impossible to get through the day without calling, texting, emailing, scrolling through social networks, or playing games. 

[It's time to call it a day, Adobe. See 9 Reasons Flash Must Die, And Soon.]

Your smartphone can be great for helping you make the most of your time, but it can just as easily zap multiple productive hours in a day. The mere awareness of a phone notification, for example, is enough to distract us from whatever we're doing.

In fact, our use of digital media, smartphones, and social networks has started to reshape the way our brains work. Researchers recently discovered the human attention span dropped 25% between 2000 and 2013, a result of our brains adapting to our increasingly digital environment.

Because we are constantly engaging with technology, our brains have been retrained to concentrate in shorter time spans and more frequently crave new stimuli. Our brains like to keep busy.

Maybe that's why we like playing mindlessly distracting games when our brains aren't otherwise engaged. For every item on your to-do list, there's an app to help you get it done -- and a game to interfere with your productivity.

To help you in your next period of procrastination or boredom, we've collected a roundup of the most addicting, distracting games available in app stores today. Have you played these before? Did we forget your favorite mindless puzzle or game? Let us know in the comments.

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