10 Handy iPhone Apps Worth Downloading

These financial, health, travel, and productivity apps will only cost you the time it takes to download them.
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With an App Store of 1.5 million apps and growing, iOS users may find themselves paralyzed by the paradox of choice when it comes to choosing apps. It's overwhelming when you find yourself looking for, say, a financial management app and are suddenly faced with hundreds of options.

Within the massive App Store, there are iOS offerings to help you lead a healthier lifestyle, be more productive during the workday, or squander hours pursuing an elusive goal in a mindless but addicting game.

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There are also a few apps that cost more than your iPhone, but chances are you'll have little need for those -- unless you happen to be a veterinarian, or want to play with a $300 digital snow globe.

The popularity of iOS apps shows no sign of slowing. With the release of a new iPhone hovering on the horizon, there's a strong chance Apple could see even more downloads from its App Store.

What will people be downloading? It seems like every day there's a batch of new, more convenient apps for traveling, health, and productivity. While it's tough to keep track of them all, we rounded up a batch of apps to help with different aspects of your daily life.

The best part? These apps will cost only a few minutes of your time.

What are some of your favorite, convenient iPhone apps? We'd love to see a few recommendations in the comments section below.

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