10 iPhone Apps Worth Buying

Free mobile apps are great, but sometimes the features within an app are worth an additional cost. Here are 10 paid iPhone apps to add to your collection.
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Apple is coming out with a few new iOS devices this year. The company unveiled its new iPhone SE and updated iPad Pro during a recent keynote event, and it's expected to launch the iPhone 7 later this year.

Pricing for the iPhone SE starts at $400, which is fairly cheap for Apple, but still steep compared with less expensive smartphones from other companies. Cupertino is attempting to position the phone towards new iPhone owners and people who prefer smaller devices.

If you're thinking about picking up the new iPhone SE, you aren't alone. Apple's newest iPhone, which has a compact four-inch footprint, has been getting positive reviews thanks to its powerful processor and strong battery life.

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The 64GB model of the iPhone SE costs $500. With $100 separating the 16GB and 64GB models, some shoppers may opt to splurge for the extra space to store photos, videos and apps. Apple's App Store grows by the day with new apps for entertainment, productivity, health, and wealth.

Oftentimes when people browse the App Store, they're looking for free tools. With so many unpaid apps available, it's easy to understand how some shoppers may avoid the "paid" section.

That said, you get what you pay for, and mobile apps are no exception.

Oftentimes paid mobile apps are worth their cost because of the additional features they provide. The 10 apps highlighted here are not free, but could make strong additions to your app collection -- whether or not you have a new iPhone.

Are there any iPhone apps you have found are worth the cost? We'd like to keep adding to this list, so please add suggestions in the comments.

(All images are screenshots from Apple's App Store)


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