10 iPhone, iPad Apps For Data Nerds 2

Small devices such as iPhones and iPads can't handle big data, but they can help you gain big data skills, access cloud-based data, and leverage that cloud-based data for insights. Here are 10 iOS data-centric apps for hardcore dataphiles.
Statistics Visualizer For iPad
Roambi Analytics
Scala Programming Language
Soulver -- The Notepad Calculator
Web Miner
Google Sheets
Weather Underground
GameChanger Baseball & Softball Scorekeeping

Can you do big data on a tiny device such as the iOS-based iPhone or iPad? Big data is, well, big, and iPhones and iPads are not known for their expandable memory or any other scale-out capabilities.

Yet so many of today's apps are actually clients that tap into huge repositories of data in the cloud to provide insights that can seem magical to end-users. Smartphones can be the front-end clients to a lot of backend big data applications. For instance, the app, Waze, now owned by Google, provides GPS navigation services to users, but also collects information from those users about road conditions, traffic, and closures, and provides a continuously updated real-time, crowd-sourced navigation service based on all the data to get each user to his or her destination in the fastest time possible.

Uber is another frequently cited example. Simply, the platform is a marketplace that connects people who need a ride to people who can give them a ride, and sets prices for those rides, and manages the transactions. Everyone gets to rate each other, and a crowd-sourced repository of data is created that improves the service and benefits all users of the system in the end.


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And any of the digital personal assistants -- Siri, Cortana, and Google Now, are yet other examples of applications that draw on vast repositories of data and algorithms to provide their users with the information that they need when they need it, often without being asked for it.

While there may not be apps for big data, many apps use big data to power their services.

Still, for these examples, we want to provide you with a collection of apps that appeal to data scientists, aspiring data pros, business analysts, data nerds, and other users on the quest for insights and information -- either for work, personal use, or even for entertainment purposes. With that in mind, here are 10 apps for the iPhone and/or iPad that will appeal to the data nerds among us. Do you use any of these?


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