11 iPhone, Android Weather Apps For Rain Or Shine

Need an umbrella? Before you rush out the door, check the forecast with one of these mobile weather apps for iOS or Android.
Weather Underground
NOAA Hi-Def Radar Pro
Weather Puppy
Fresh Air
Dark Sky
NOAA Snow Forecast
Carrot Weather

The Starks said it best: Winter is coming.

They didn't need smartphones for their forecast, of course, but those of us outside Winterfell (or entirely unfamiliar with Game of Thrones) are different.

Our mobile devices, in addition to acting as secretaries, navigators, and personal trainers, are also meteorologists. Instead of opening the window, most of us check our smartphones for an accurate estimate of the day's temperature and precipitation.

Weather apps may not be the most exciting apps on the market, but they are among the most popular and useful. Most are free of charge and provide all the weather data you need: temperature and precipitation, and hourly and weekly forecasts.

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Most smartphones come with a built-in weather app, but chances are, you've perused your app store for a more advanced or accurate tool. Like many apps, weather-prediction tools have improved with the advancement of new technology.

Some modern weather apps provide basic forecast data on an aesthetically pleasing background, or alongside a character appropriately dressed for the outdoors. Others provide radar and satellite images with detailed information on air pressure, humidity, and wind speed -- sometimes for a small price.

If the default weather app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone isn't cutting it, you may be due for an upgrade. Check out our picks for handy weather apps that will help you prepare to take on the day.

Do you already use one of these apps? Did we miss any? Feel free to share your thoughts and recommendations in the comments.

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