9 iPhone Apps To Help You Survive The Holidays

Are you stretched too thin from juggling so many holiday plans and responsibilities that you need some help? There's an app for that. Here's our list of free or cheap apps from Apple's App Store to help you survive the holidays.
Get Right To Everything With Todoit (Free)
Vintage Christmas eCards Let You Send Some Cheer ($.99)
Angry Birds Seasons Lets You Burn Some Stress (Free)
Spice Up Holiday Cooking With Best Christmas Recipes (Free)
Find The Waze To Grandmother's House (Free)
Keep Watch As NORAD Tracks Santa (Free)
Swing Through The Jungle Of Shopping With Amazon (Free)
Warm Up Next To A Very Cozy Fireplace In HD ($.99)
Heads-Up Puts You And Your Friends On The Spot ($.99)

Ah yes, the holiday season is well upon us, resplendent with sleigh bells and ornaments, snowflakes and gumdrops, shopping lists, discount prices, long lines, no parking … wait, where were we?

Yes, folks, the holidays are not a Norman Rockwell painting in real life, despite the red cheeks and puffy faces you get from frustration and exhaustion (when you really want hot chocolate).

We may not meet Santa's generosity when it comes to gift giving, but we can offer you nine small tokens, more commonly known as iPhone apps, that will help you slalom your way through the holidays with less stress, more cheer, and perhaps even a new recipe or two.

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Consumers are turning to their smartphones and tablets more frequently than ever for shopping, cooking, organizing, and navigating. A recent study by Sequence found that consumers say they hope that mobile devices would allow them to get more rest.

According to the study, which surveyed more than a thousand US consumers of ages 18 to 60, one in three said they would sleep instead of meeting friends for drinks, baking cookies, or engaging in other holiday activities if mobile technology helped save three hours of their time.

With that in mind, let's put that brand new iPhone 6S to work by helping you through the holidays, so you can use it to, uh, well, meet friends for drinks, bake cookies, and generally spread the holiday cheer!

Best of all, most of these apps are free, and the rest cost less than a dollar, so feel free to splurge on something ­extra-nice for Cousin Larry.

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