RiverOne May Put i2 Back in the Game

Addition of the partner relationship tool has promise for supply chain performance management.
Ventana QuickTake™

On Feb. 21, 2006 i2 Technologies announced the purchase of the assets of RiverOne, Inc. The acquisition gives i2 access to a multi-enterprise execution platform that would extend its supply chain collaboration and execution capabilities. RiverOne’s software is designed as a single, multi-company business application that enables complex, multi-tiered planning and process execution, with monitoring, between trading partners. It has helped companies like Solectron and ViaSat manage and control partner-based business operations. RiverOne’s customers are mainly focused in electronics and range across all supply chain roles and sizes from small subsystem OEMs to the largest EMS providers.

The acquisition could be a strategic addition for i2 if it decides to leverage the RiverOne assets by integrating the partner relationship application with i2’s current offerings. Ventana Research believes this is an important step for i2 in that it could allow it to deliver significantly improved supply chain performance management capability to those manufacturing and supply chain customers that have peaked in their ability to extract value from their current applications. Ventana Research believes that global organizations should be looking to applications like RiverOne’s Multi-Tier Planning tool to establish shared processes, metrics and data among trading partners. If it becomes an i2 offering, its broader availability could improve the capability of these large organizations to plan, execute and manage the performance of supply chain programs program-by-program and partner-by-partner.

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