Google Shows Off Maps On Android

The T-Mobile G1 will have tight integration with Google Maps, enabling location-based searches, compass mode, and more.
When Google, HTC, and T-Mobile unveiled the Android-powered G1 smartphone last month, one of the biggest draws was the tight integration with Google's online services.

On Google's mobile blog Tuesday, the search giant gave a closer look at how Google Maps will work on the G1.

"When we designed Google Maps for the T-Mobile G1, we set out to create a great mapping application that took full advantage of the G1's hardware, like the touch screen, accelerometer, and GPS, as well as the deep system integration made possible by the Android platform," wrote David Conway, product manager of the Android team.

G1 users will be able to pan, scan, and zoom in on maps with touch navigation. The Street View feature will be available, and the GPS chips can be used for location-based services. Additionally, the compass mode will offer users a 360-degree panoramic street-level view by moving the phone.

Google Maps is also integrated with e-mail, instant messaging, and Web browsing on Android. The search giant said if a street address shows up in these apps as plain text, a user will be able to click on it and go directly to its location on Maps.

When Google first unveiled the open source Android last November, it said the goal was to bring the innovation of the Web to the mobile space. Google said getting developers to create mobile applications for the Android Market is a key part of that goal.

With that in mind, the tight mapping integration is also available for any third-party developer that wants to use it. For example, the application Cab4Me, a recent winner of the Android Developer Challenge, uses Google Maps and location awareness to help users find nearby taxis.

Google created a demonstration video that can be viewed below.