Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Visual Tour

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 combines laptop-worthy power with sleek industrial design. Take a closer look at the tablet and get our early hands-on impressions.

not as stable as a traditional clamshell laptop. And the Surface Pro 3? Its infinitely adjustable, "full-friction" kickstand is in a class of its own.


The new kickstand accommodates low angles, ideal for drawing and note-taking with the Surface Pro Pen.

It's easy to find the right angle for lap use, drawing with the included pen, or working at a desk.


The new kickstand provides more flexibility.

Type Cover
Microsoft launched newer, larger Type Covers alongside the Surface Pro 3. Here's the good news: The new models improve solidly over the old ones. But there's bad news, too: Microsoft still sells keyboards separately, for $130.


Like last-generation models, the new Type Cover features backlit keys.

Still, the Type Cover offers good key travel, backlit keys, and just enough space to avoid clumsy typing -- all while adding almost no thickness or weight to the Surface's overall package. Arguably more exciting is the larger, more responsive track pad. Does it match the standard-setting track pads found on MacBooks? No, but the gap is closer than I expected. The Type Cover also provides more stability than earlier models and includes a loop to store the pen.


The Type Cover includes a loop to store the Surface Pro Pen.

Ports and connectivity


The Surface Pro 3 includes a USB 3.0 port.

The Surface Pro 3 doesn't offer the cornucopia of ports found on most pro laptops, but compared to other thin PCs, and certainly tablets, it acquits itself decently. The Pro 3 includes a USB 3.0 slot on the main body, as well as another USB port on the power cord. Speaking of the cord, it features a new plug design, which means earlier Pro power chargers aren't compatible. The Pro 3 also features a MicroSD slot for expanded storage.


Microsoft included an extra USB slot on the Surface Pro 3's charger.

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