Three iPhone Models, Faster Service Tested

An executive at Australia's Telstra said the carrier already has been testing new iPhones operating at speeds capable of 42 Mbps.
Apple's legendary secrecy is so effective in the United States that about all the company will say about its unveiling next month of new iPhones is that it hasn't yet made any pricing decisions on a new phone.

Security, however, in international markets is a different story as leaks appear seemingly daily on new iPhones scheduled for unveiling during the week of June 9. While Rich Lindner, the CFO at AT&T, which has the exclusive rights to provide wireless service for the iPhone in the United States, told a Reuters meeting Thursday that no pricing decisions have been made on the iPhone, carriers planning to market the new iPhones in other countries have been spilling the proverbial beans.

An executive at Australia's Telstra said the carrier has already been testing new iPhones operating at speeds capable of 42 Mbps. Telstra uses HSPA infrastructure -- the same wireless technology utilized by AT&T, which has been the exclusive provider of the iPhone in the United States.

According to Australian news reports, an unidentified Telstra executive said: "We know what is coming. We have seen the new device and it will be available on our network as soon as it is launched in the USA. By Xmas this phone will be capable of 42 Mbps which will make it faster than a lot of broadband offerings and the fastest iPhone on any network in the world."

In Austria, a T-Mobile executive said three versions of the iPhone will be announced, with at least one of them capable of operating on UMST infrastructure. Spectrum provisions vary from country to country, but UMST has near-compatibility with HSPA. Both wireless technologies stem from the GSM standard. The infrastructures are considered interim stops on the way to very-high-speed LTE, which isn't expected to be available for a few years.

There seems to be near-universal agreement that Apple will unveil an iPhone capable of utilizing faster networks, as well as a phone with a larger memory. Also, there have been reports that Apple will unveil an unlocked phone. The company already has broken some of its exclusivity requirements as multiple carriers will be able to sell iPhones in some European countries.