8 Must-Have Mobile Tools For Road Warriors

Remote workers may not need an office, but they do need a few devices to keep them connected and productive. Here are our top picks to keep you and your teams functioning on the go.
Portable Smartphone/Tablet Chargers
External Battery Packs For Laptops
Noise-Canceling Headphones
Privacy Filter
Portable Hard Drive
Portable Monitor
Mobile Hotspot
Wireless Keyboard

Today's technology lets us work where we want: office buildings, coffee shops, sun-bathed rooftops, living room desks.

Digital tools have made it easier than ever to communicate with colleagues located down the hall or across the globe. For many employees, location has become irrelevant -- what matters is how well you work from wherever you choose to be.

Some employees use the added flexibility to work from home, where they can avoid a lengthy commute and spend more time with family. Others opt to take their jobs on the road so they can travel without sacrificing their income.

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I'll be doing the latter beginning next month as a participant with Remote Year, a program that arranges long-term travel for groups of remote employees. In preparing for a year around the world, I've compiled a list of tools that will keep me connected and productive whether I'm in a designated workspace or in transit.

Aside from the obvious laptop and smartphone, I've found there are a few gadgets and accessories worth the investment for employees on the road. Noise-cancelling headphones, high-capacity mobile chargers, and a personal hotspot are a few additions to my mobile toolbox.

Read on to learn about more tools that make remote work "work." Do you use any of these products or have recommendations absent from this list? Suggestions are welcome in the comments section below.

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