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Apple's iOS 4 and upcoming iOS 5 mobile operating systems news, reviews, tips and how tos are all over our site. Led by executive editor Brian Burgess, here are the most recent links to all teamBYTE's iOS 4 and iOS 5 material. If you own an Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod or iPod touch, check in here regularly.

[Updated 09.02.11]

How Tos

How To Build Your First iPhone App. Here's how to build your very first iOS app. It's a simple Tip Calculator app for iPhone.

How to Find Your Lost iOS Device. Find My iPhone can locate any other iOS device from another or the Web. You can also use it to lock your device and remotely erase your secure data.

How To Convert FLV Files to Watch On Your iPad. To watch media files on your iPad, you need to convert them first. Here's how.

How To Connect a Bluetooth Keyboard to an iPad. Here's how to connect a Bluetooth keyboard to your iPad.

Three Ways to Access Music on iOS 4 Devices. Control music on an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad.

How To Open a Blank Page in Mobile Safari. Here's how to set up Mobile Safari so it opens up to a blank page every time you launch it.

How To Take Screenshots on Your iOS Device. Capture any screen at any time on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Delete Unused Email Accounts in iOS. If you have an email account you no longer use still hanging out on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, just delete it. Here's how.

How To Control Mac Parallels VM with Your iPad. If you run Parallels on OS X, here's how to control the virtual machines from your iPad.

How To Use Your iPad as A Verizon FiOS Remote. If you're a Verizon FiOS customer with an HD set-top box, use your iPad to control your FiOS TV.


Get More Domains from the iPad Keyboard. Select other top level domains like .NET, .ORG, .EDU, or .US from the iPad keyboard.

Create a Custom Signature for iOS Mail. By default, the signature for your iPad email just says you sent it from an iPad. But you can change your signature in Mail. Here's how to customize it.

Quickly Access Audio Controls on Your iOS Device. While playing music or podcasts on your iOS device, access play controls from its Lock screen.

Delete Multiple Emails at Once in iOS. Delete messages on your iOS device in batches.

Boost iOS Performance by Clearing Mobile Safari Cache. Periodically freeing up cache, clears up space, improves speed and performance of Safari.

Avoid Overseas Charges with iOS Airplane Mode. When you travel overseas, the last thing you want as a homecoming surprise is a staggering phone bill due to roaming charges.

Change the Default Search for Safari in iOS. By default the search engine for Mobile Safari is Google. You can change it and here's how.

Turn Off Wi-Fi in Apple iOS. It's so annoying to watch your Apple iPad or iPhone battery die--usually just when you really need it. Here's one way to extend battery life

Lock Your iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone. Don't worry about data snoops. It's easy to lock your iOS device. Here's how.

Access More Domains from the Keyboard in iOS. Safari in iOS assumes the .com domain. You can select others. Just open Safari and type in the URL you want to go to, stopping before the dot. Tap and hold the .com button.

Close Suspended Background Apps in iOS 4. Here's how to close a suspended app in iOS 4.

Add or Remove Files and Folders on iPad Dock. An easy way to add or remove files and folders on your iPad dock.

Preview More Email Lines on the iPad. By default, the iPad only shows two lines of a message to preview. Here's how to expand it to show up to five.

Quickly Access Spotlight Search in iOS. Here's how to quickly access Spotlight Search in iOS.

Reviews, News, Analysis

Skype for iPad Review. New download allows videoconferencing, with simultaneous chat messaging.

BYTE's iOS Team includes Brian Burgess, Jacob Lopez, David W. Martin, Jeremy Lesniak, Todd Moore, Rob Maxwell and Todd Ogasawara.

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