Apple Slips, Samsung Gains In Satisfaction Rankings

Samsung has closed the gap with Apple in terms of American consumers' satisfaction level with their smartphones.
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The American Customer Satisfaction Index has updated its rankings of smartphone makers, and the report shows that Apple is losing ground to rival Samsung.

The rankings are updated once a year. In the last 12 months, Apple has released only the iPhone 5, while Samsung managed to release both the Galaxy S III and the Galaxy S 4, in addition to myriad other devices. Apple held the top spot in 2012, with 83% of American consumers saying they were satisfied with Apple's iPhone. Apple is still the top smartphone maker on the list, with an 81% satisfaction ranking, but it dropped 2 percentage points. The index doesn't specify reasons behind the changes.

Samsung edged up significantly year-over-year, from a 71% satisfaction rating in 2012 to 76% in 2013. Where Apple previously had a comfortable 12% gap over its competitor, it's now ahead by only 5%. Samsung's devices have begun to win over the American buying public, not just in sales, but in overall satisfaction with Samsung's brand as well.

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Motorola was another big mover. In 2012, 73% of consumers were satisfied with Motorola's smartphones; this year, 77% were. Motorola released several phones during the fourth quarter of 2012, including the Droid Razr M, Razr HD, and Maxx HD, all of which have incredible battery life, good screens and excellent cameras.

Nokia managed to gain a smidge, seeing its satisfaction ratings increase from 75% to 76%. Lumia devices are the only Nokia smartphones counted in the index.

"The improvement [of Samsung] is the largest yet for any cell phone manufacturer, and earns Samsung a position even with the industry average and Nokia and just behind second-place Motorola," reads the report. "Nevertheless, Samsung remains well behind industry leader Apple."

The news isn't as good for LG or HTC, both of which saw a decrease in satisfaction. HTC's rating dropped from 75% to 72%, while LG's dropped from 75% to 71%. It seems consumers didn't care as much for the smartphones made by HTC and LG during the last 12 months. Considering HTC's precarious position in the market, that's another warning sign for the company. The change for LG is somewhat surprising, however. It delivered some of its best-ever devices during the fourth quarter of 2012, including the Optimus G and the Nexus 4.

BlackBerry ranks last among the big smartphone makers, but at least its rating didn't drop further. It scored a satisfaction rating of 69% in both 2012 and in 2013. BlackBerry didn't churn out any major new phones in 2012 and only released the Z10 in February of this year. The Q10, which looks to be the device that will make or break BlackBerry's comeback bid, wasn't included in the rankings this year because it isn't yet available.