BYTE's BYOD Holiday Gift Guide

This year, get friends and family a gift they can really use: A bring-your-own-device -- BYOD -- gadget, something that makes it easier to use their favorite mobile device. They'll thank you every time they use it.

Isn't it a great feeling when you get someone a gift and they use it a lot? When they come to rely on it? You have the chance to do that this year by getting that friend or relative a BYOD gift, something they will want to use and use for work. And they'll think of you every time they use it, whether it's a tablet, a battery backup, a keyboard, or a carrying bag. Read on for some great BYOD gift ideas from BYTE staff and freelance writers.

GPS App For iPhone (featuring TomTom)Microsoft Surface RT
iPad miniComputer Bag or Backpack (featuring PowerBag)
Notabilia iPad Folio and Moleskine Digital FolioBattery Backup Pack (featuring myCharge)
7-Inch iPad, Android Tablet (Google, Samsung, Barnes and Noble, Amazon)Miscellaneous Gadgets (featuring Monoprice)
iPad Keyboard (featuring Logitech)Portable Speakers (featuring iHome)