CES: 5 Hot TV Tech Trends

What TV technologies will shine at this year's Consumer Electronics Show? Take a sneak peek.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show starts January 7, and we already have plenty of hints about what TV technologies are likely to make an appearance.

Here's a list of five tech trends to watch for at CES 2014.

1. HDMI streaming sticks. Google gave everyone the proverbial swift kick in the pants when it launched its Chromecast streaming stick. Now copycat products are on their way. We know that Alticast plans to demo an HDMI dongle, while Arris Group has hinted at a similar product in the works. LG Electronics announced a deal with Azuki Systems last summer to bring a collaborative HDMI adapter product to market. Get ready for dongles on parade! (See Arris RDK Boxes Coming Soon and Azuki, LG Counter Google Chromecast.)

2. 4K TV everywhere. It's not just the TV display companies that will be showing off their ultra-high-definition wares at CES. Chip companies are pitching their new products for enabling HEVC encoding and 4K-resolution TV in the runup to the show, with big names such as Broadcom and Advanced Micro Devices set to feature strongly. If email noise is any indication, 4K promises to be everywhere in Las Vegas next week.

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