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Find Lost iPhones With New Apple App

Apple's new Find My iPhone app lets users locate a lost or missing iPhone or iPad from another iOS device.
Apple's Find My iPhone service has been baked into its MobileMe Web service for quite a while. MobileMe users log into their MobileMe account online and use the GPS and/or cellular radio data to track down a lost or stolen iPhone. This new application does the same thing, minus the need to use a desktop machine.

The Find My iPhone application works from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Users must have an existing MobileMe account ($99/year) and have the Find My iPhone service set up and actively running. If a user loses his or her iPhone, they'll be able to use the Find My iPhone application from another iPhone or iPad to find their missing property. Basically, the application negates the need to sign-in to MobileMe on a desktop browser. (Of course, it also assumes you have access to another iOS device.)

According to Apple, Find My iPhone offers several benefits. It will display the location of the lost/missing iPhone or iPad on a map. It will display a message on the lost device, noting that the device is lost. Users also have the option to make the lost device sound an alarm, which it can do even if the sound is turned off. Users can also remotely lock the device (if it wasn't already). And, if all efforts to retrieve it fail, Find My iPhone also lets users remotely wipe the device to protect their data.

Anyone who has lost a mobile device will tell you how terrifying the experience can be. Find My iPhone can, at the very least, give losers of iPhone/iPads some piece of mind in knowing that their data can be secured/erased.

The security angle is important for businesses, too. The iPhone natively supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync, which means employers can wipe the iPhone remotely without using Find My iPhone. This application is more for consumers or small businesses that perhaps don't use Exchange.

The application itself is free to download, but it requires a MobileMe account, which costs $99 per year.

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