Gadgets Gone Wild At Digital Experience 2008

Digital Experience, a safari jungle-themed consumer electronics showcase in New York, featured RIM's Blackberry Bold, Eye-Fi's wireless memory cards, several GPS devices, and digital cameras from Canon.
Pepcom's Digital Experience media and analyst event in the Chelsea section of New York City Wednesday featured several new consumer electronics, including the new Blackberry Bold, as well as Web 2.0 technologies and other products.

Research In Motion's so-called iPhone killer, Blackberry Bold which has a display resolution of 480 by 360 pixels was among the most popular consumer devices at the show.

Western Digital's VelociRaptor hard disk drive is fit for gamers and businesses.
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Eye-Fi demonstrated its wireless memory card for digital cameras. The card allows users to upload photos by standing next to their computer. It also works in wireless hotspots. Users can choose one of 23 photo-sharing and social networking sites, like Flickr, to upload their photos automatically or they can restrict the images to their PC. The card embeds geotags automatically.

Canon showed a vast array of the company's full-sized, professional-grade cameras and smaller digital cameras.

Brandon Cotter, founder of Viewzi, demonstrated his company's visual search engine which stacks search results like cards or album covers or places them into piles based on the type of content or the search engines that feature them. Each search result looks like a tiny Web page. Cotter demonstrated the tool with a query of the Irish rock band U2. Another display lists all available views, which users can click on to enlarge without leaving the search results page.

The Novint Falcon, a game interface that allows players to use their sense of touch, was among several gaming components popular at the event. Novint and Valve Corporation announced an agreement that will enable use of the controller for several of Vale's games.

Several GPS devices and applications -- including the Earthmate GPS PN-20 used by world-reknowned mountaineer Ed Viesters -- were featured.

Navigon, a company with headquarters in Chicago and Hannover, Germany, showed off its new Navigon 2100 max and Navigon 2120 personal navigation devices with Fresh Maps, which automatically update. The voice-enabled devices offer route planning, points of interest, listings, speed warnings, a lane assistant, and optional Zagat reviews and listings.

Pandigital presented its kitchen model photo frame television display, which comes with recipes, photos and pre-loaded settings for weather and traffic reports. It will hit retail stores in July.

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