Google, Motorola, Verizon Partnering On Android Tablet

Google has picked Motorola to lead the charge against Apple's iPad with the first Android 3.0 tablet, says Digitimes Research.
If you've held off buying an Apple iPad because Android is more appealing to you, Digitimes Research's latest report ought to make you beep with joy. Motorola will field the first Android 3.0 tablet computer, and Verizon Wireless will sell it.

This information comes from Digitimes Research senior analyst Mingchi Kuo, who says component makers clued him in to this conclusion. Kuo notes that several hardware makers are vying to offer the first Android 3.0 product blessed by Google. Motorola is in the lead at the moment.

Similar to the way the HTC G1 Android phone was designed and marketed, the first Android 3.0 tablet will be branded by all the entities involved. That includes Google, the manufacturer, and the carrier that sells it. Verizon Wireless is the supposed telecom partner in this venture.

As with the G1, Google is taking a heavy-handed approach to the design of the user interface elements and hardware specifications of the unnamed Motorola product. Google played a huge role in the final execution of the HTC-made G1, which was the first Android handset.

Given Verizon's leadership with Motorola and Android 2.0 and 2.2 devices, this research note from Kuo seems plausible. In fact, Verizon's head honcho, Lowell McAdam, said earlier this year that it was working with Google to develop a tablet device.

Kuo believes the Motorola Android 3.0 device will reach mass production by the end of 2010, and may possibly sell as many as 2 million units throughout 2011.

Apple has sold at least 3 million iPads since its April 2010 debut.

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