Google Nexus Two To Be Made By Samsung?

Blog Gizmodo claims to have inside information about the next "Nexus" handset from Google. This time around, it will be made by Samsung rather than HTC.
Gizmodo claims to have a source who briefly handled the Google Nexus Two. Gizmodo's source notes that the device, which is made by Samsung, looks similar to Samsung's current line of Galaxy S phones, with a few differences in the shape of the device.

Gizmodo reports, "It's black and shiny, built with glossy plastic. Up close, though, it's 'got this curve to it.' While the screen, which our source thinks is the same 4-inch AMOLED affair from the Galaxy series, is flat, the front is 'sort of concave' with hard edges. And the back is curved. The tapering makes it feel thinner than Galaxy S, though it might be about the same thickness."

The main difference between the Nexus Two and Samsung's Galaxy S smartphones is that the Nexus Two will have a user-facing camera, something most of the Galaxy S line lacks (the Epic 4G being the exception).

Samsung has scheduled a press event in New York City on Monday, November 8. The invitation to the event clearly says that the company will reveal its next Android device. It is possible that Samsung will use this event to launch the Nexus Two.

When Google debuted the Nexus One early this year, it was immediately the king of the Android dogpile. It boasted the best specs, and ushered it an era of super-charged, slab-style Android smartphones. In other words, it was a trend-setter.

Based on Gizmodo's report, I don't think the Nexus Two (as described) will have the same impact on the market. The specs don't seem to be good enough. Keep in mind, the Nexus One is the official phone for Android Developers. The Nexus Two will likely serve as the main developer device for the Android coders for the next six to nine months. I'd expect it to be a serious contender for phone of the year. The Samsung-built Nexus Two just doesn't have that appeal.

Until Samung (and Google?) take the stage on November 8, we'll be left with an anonymous source's musings to ponder.

(Of course, Gizmodo is the same blog behind the infamous iPhone 4 leak and debacle -- all of which turned out to be accurate.)

Update: PCMag reports that Samsung is working on an unlocked Android device for Google, but that's not what's being announced on November 8. PCMag believes that instead Samsung will introduce the Continuum, an Android device two two screens slated for Verizon Wireless.

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