HTC Droid Incredible Almost Identical To Nexus One

A teardown analysis of the handset found it so similar to the Google model, also built by HTC, that the Droid could be called "Nexus Two.'
The HTC Droid Incredible is similar enough to Google's Nexus One that the Incredible could be dubbed "Nexus Two," a teardown analysis revealed.

The dissection performed by iSuppli also showed that the Incredible carries a bill of materials (BOM) of $163.35 and a manufacturing cost of $8.90. But the more interesting disclosure is that the smartphone is very similar to the Nexus One in terms of costs and features.

The main difference between the two smartphones is the Incredible's support for the CDMA air standard used by carrier Verizon Wireless in the United States, iSuppli said. HTC built the Nexus One for Google, which distributes the phone.

"The Droid Incredible could have been dubbed the 'Nexus Two' given its similarity to HTC's Nexus One introduced early this year," Andrew Rassweiler, teardown analyst for iSuppli, said in a statement released Thursday.

Released in January, the Nexus One carries a BOM of $174.15, placing the phone very close to the current materials cost for the Incredible, according to iSuppli. The centerpiece of both phones is an advanced Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode display.

The smartphones also share a common electronic design based on Qualcomm's 1 GHz Snapdragon baseband processor, iSuppli said. Finally, both devices integrate a class-leading density, at 4Gb, of mobile double data rate system memory to support the processor.

Besides CDMA support, the differences between the phones include the use of an optical trackpad in the Incredible, instead of the trackball in the Nexus One. Also, the Incredible employs HTC's Sense User Interface overlay, whereas the Nexus uses the generic UI that comes with the Android operating system. The Incredible also runs Google's Android OS.

The most expensive component in the Incredible is Qualcomm's baseband integrated circuit, which includes the Snapdragon chip. The IC costs $31.40, or 19.2% of the BOM, iSuppli said.

A close second to the Qualcomm component is the AMOLED display supplied by Samsung Mobile Display. The component costs $31.20, or 19.1% of the BOM.

Coming in third is the memory section of the Incredible, which comprises technology from Samsung Electronics and Hynix Semiconductor. The cost of the section is $29.80, or 18.2% of the BOM, iSuppli said.